Welcome to Mount Zion – Bible Study

Welcome to this blog. It started in March 2012 as a pilot project. It was developed for the members of Mount Zion – Church of the Firstborn, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is open to anyone but to add comments, you must be a member of the church and register. Anyone can send me a message through the contact form from the menu.

Reading the Bible Together

We read the Bible together following a plan. I believe this is better than doing it alone. We will read the Bible from cover to cover over a period of time, but not sequentially. The reading plan was developed in a way to facilitate the assimilation of the Scriptures.

I was pleased by the number of people that were interested in participating when I announced my intention.  This website will change incrementally. We will experiment with different features to determine what works best for us.

Your Feedback

Please, send me your feedback and suggestions on how to make this site easier to use and more effective. Leave your comments or send a note and I will consider your suggestions and when possible, I will try them out.

Please go to the page “Instructions” to find out more about how to use and benefit from this website.

May God bless you richly as you regularly read His Word.

Pastor Maurizio Mingardi