Since we started this blog I received a good number of testimonies about the benefits that have been received by reading the Bible daily with us. I thought that it would be good to have a place where you could add yours.

We all have different needs and preferred Bible passages, but from over 40 years of experience, I came to believe that systematic daily Bible reading is the best way to ensure a balanced spiritual diet.  For this reason I challenge you to try to follow this blog.

My Testimony

It is not the quantity that we read, but the quality of our reading time that counts. Reading with a purpose makes it even more effective. For me the purpose has been to share every day with my blog readers something to build them up in their relationship with the Lord. I found that this time I got more than any other time I have previously gone through the Bible.

It is work to blog daily, but I must say that it has been a great blessing to me. If you read with us, I am sure it will also be a blessing for you.

Please add a comment in this page to share how reading daily with us has helped you. 

Pastor Maurizio


3 Responses to Testimonies

  1. HenriD says:

    JESUS HEALED ME FROM TMJ by J. Henri Desautels

    I retired from the Federal Government in July, 1991. As a celebration my wife Constance and I travelled to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit with a friend. We were travelling by car and during our return trip I developed TMJ which is short for Tempromandibular Joint, or the jaw joint, on my left side. This is an annoying and painful clicking, or popping of my jaw joint caused especially when chewing food.

    This lasted for nearly a year when in June 1992 I went to my dentist to see if he could do anything to correct this problem. He could not but referred me to another dentist who specialized in this problem. I visited this dentist on June 23, 1992. He examined me and I was told that there was no cure for this problem. All he could do was to provide the best level of comfort. For this he suggested a nightguard appliance to ease the pain. The estimated cost of this contraption was $550.00. Because this did not cure the problem, I declined and the TMJ persisted.

    In April 1993 Constance and I were sitting at the kitchen table having our lunch. We were sitting at opposite ends of the table. I was chewing my food and I began to moan because it was so painful to chew. Suddenly, Constance jumped up from her chair, (scared me half to death) and rushed to me, laid her hand on my aching jaw and yelled at the devil and started to pray for healing of my jaw in the name of Jesus. I think that the devil was scared out of his skin. To tell the truth, I was not healed. I continued eating my lunch and each chewing bite was painful.

    Three days later we were at Al’s Steak House. I had ordered a small steak and it was served to perfection. I was nearly finished with my steak when I stopped and realized that I was no longer suffering from chewing my food. I kept testing it to make sure it wasn’t my imagination and then I told Constance that the Lord had healed me of my TMJ. To this day (August 2014) I have not suffered any discomfort from this problem. Praise the Lord.

  2. AndrewT says:

    Great testimony Henri!

  3. This is a great testimony and shows an important principle about instant healing.

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