The Power of Corporate Reading

Do you to realize that what you are doing with your Daily Bible Reading is more than reading a post and a Bible chapter? You are joining all the others who are going to do the same thing today. You are not alone, you are with us, both in doing your reading and in having the same intention. We are all going to open our heart to the Word of God to receive. You can become aware of this spiritual unity and be part of it. You can actually feel it in your heart if just you take the time.

If we post a comment or not, we still are spiritually connected. This unity of intent works the same way as united prayer. It amplifies many times the results of what we do (Deu 32:30, Mat 18:19, Act 4:31) . And when you also share physically by posting your comments, you bring this unity to a higher level.

As you become aware of this truth, you will see that you will reap greater benefits from your reading. Your reading is a form of prayer, of stronger communion with God because we experience it together.

May you have a blessed day.

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  1. MariaM says:

    I just thought that the daily reading was for me…this gives it a new purpose. Now it’s communion with God TOGETHER with the others. I love to think of it that way.

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