Motivation to Read the Bible, Self-Discipline and Accountability

Today I read an article on the June 2012 issue of ChristianWeek. It relates to Bible Reading and because it gives some good suggestions, I want to summarize it and comment on it here. If you want to read the whole article, you can go to “Disconnected with the Word of God?” by Karen Stiller.

She starts confessing that because of lack of discipline she has dropped out of self-imposed routines and because of that she has experienced shame and the awkward silence of not knowing the answer in Biblical Pursuit.

I don’t think that these are good motivators to commit to a Bible Reading Program, because the real benefits are different, positive and enormous. Until the Word becomes an internal light of our consciousness, we cannot live in victory and follow Jesus. If we understand these truths, they become strong motivators to develop the required self-discipline and even passion for Bible reading. I can only say, just try it to find out. One little commitment will move your live to a new level,

What I like about the article are the suggestions she borrowed from others to help you engage in Bible reading with greater enthusiasm. In my own adaptation, here they are:

  1. Get a new Bible – Choose a version you find easy to understand. At times a new translation makes the reading fresh and opens new understanding.
  2. Read with others – This is what we have started with the Mount Zion – Bible Reading. But she added another element that we are presently missing: accountability. People don’t like that word. But accountability is very powerful. I think that we can introduce it in our program. It takes not much more than 10 minutes to read a chapter. With minimal self-discipline, anybody can do it. Just posting your observations. Celebrate your achievement and it will motivate you and the other who see it. Also you will not like to miss a day. At times the small things have a great impact.
  3. Change how you read the Bible – Find the way you get more out of your reading.
    1. You can read and then meditate on some passages you select. Let God speak to you. This is the approach I prefer.
    2. You can use an inductive Bible study approach here, here, or here.
    3. You can read a section and then start a deductive approach to expand on a topic.
  4. Re-format your Bible reading – You can listen to a recording. You can even get some free on the internet. Some have music background and are dramatized. Some, you can listen or read on your mobile phone. You can listen on a MP3 or CD commuting to work. Today there are so many options you can enjoy.

I hope you found these suggestions useful. No matter how you do it, I encourage you to develop this life giving habit.

Good Bible reading!