Free Bible Software

e-Sword   e-Sword

If you don’t have a good Bible Software program, I suggest that you download e-Sword and install it on your computer. This Bible Software is an excellent Bible study tool, user friendly, fast and feature rich. More than 25 million downloads show how popular this software is.

E-Sword is available for PC’s, Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Features of e-Sword:

  • It is free.
  • It has a powerful Search function.
  • You can easily download and install many versions of the Bible. Many versions are free and others, because they are copyrighted, can be purchased for a small charge.
  • You can download many Bible commentaries and dictionaries. Many of these are free.
  • It has an integrated editor.
  • It can display parallel Bibles.
  • It can create list of verses.
  • It has WYSIWYG printing.
  • It includes a graphics viewer.

Download it at Let me know if you need help with this by sending us a message.

With e-Sword you can download the KJV with the Strong Numbers and the related Hebrew and Greek dictionaries. It is Identified with the name KJV+. This feature is easy to use and allows word studies.

YouVersion   Bible-app-icon-english-144x144

YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life. It works on your smart-phone, tablet, and computer. Many free Bible version are available.

You can read, listen, watch, take notes, and share the Bible with this app. It encourages Bible engagement. Includes reading plans. Allows you to post verses on Facebook and Twitter.

I use both these software Bibles. The first on my PC and the second on my iPad.