Effective Reading of the Bible (or Anything Else)

How to Have a More Effective Reading of Your Bible

Do you want to develop the ability of effective reading to get most of your Bible reading? Here I show you a simple way/.

I would like you to do an experiment.

Time yourself. Just look around for 1 minute and notice all the brown things you see in your room.

OK. Now close your eyes and with your eyes closed tell me the things in your room that are blue.  Don’r cheat!

Even if you are familiar with the room, I am sure you had a difficult time coming out with many if any of them, and you missed most.

This shows us an important concept. We perceive and remember only what we are looking for. 

If we apply this to our Bible reading, we will obtain a much greater benefit by reading with a specific plan in mind. This plan can be a question, an objective or a frame of reference. For example: “What I can apply today to my life or situation?” or “What made me feel uncomfortable about the reading today?” or “How can I use what I read to my job?” or “How can I deal with this problem I have?” or “What supernatural manifestation was described?”

…What is the angle that interest you? Use it! Or, pick one of the questions you can find here.

You can come up with your own frame to develop the habit of effective reading. You will be surprised that the more specific you are, the more helpful it will be. You will see things that you would have missed completely, and you will also remember better what you read.

Try it out, and let me know.

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