Stir Up the Anointing of the Holy Spirit – Psalm – 28

 Starting in the Flesh and Stirring the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

The LORD is my strength and my

Psalm 28 shows how David used the emotional effect of his circumstances to stir up his heart and stir up the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Born-again believers can do it too because they have an advantage over David. They operate under a new and better covenant with God.

Old and New Testament Realities

In reading and applying the concepts in the Bible, we must consider some important principles:

  • Jesus brought new understanding about God that was not clear in the Old Testament
  • The covenant and relationship between God and man changed in the New Testament. Jesus has established a better covenant based on better promises (Hebrews 8:6-8).
  • We must interpret Bible verses according to their context. This includes the background information and the people they refer to.

For these reasons, believers should read the Bible and interpret Old Testament in light of New Testament revelation. Applying Old Testament scriptures in any other way will produce no victory in your life but confusion and failure as it did in Israel.

The Spirit Upon and Within the Believer

In the Old Testament, the anointing of the Holy Spirit came only upon special people like kings and prophets (Numbers 11:25).

Jesus said that unless you are born-again you could not see and enter the Kingdom of God. (John 3:3, 5). The born-again believer is born of the spirit (John 3:6-7) The Holy Spirit dwells in the born-again believer (John 4:14, 7:37-39; 14:16-17).

That means that any born-again believer has a great advantage compared even to the most anointed Old Testament person because no one was born again in the Old Testament.

Further, with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the believer receives the anointing of the Holy Spirit and power comes upon the believer (Acts 1:8, 2:1-4).

Looking at Circumstances vs. Walking in the Spirit

In reading Psalm 28, we can see a pattern often repeated in the book of Psalms. David starts by looking at his circumstances. His senses are responding to the serious threats and attacks of his enemies. The experience has an effect on his emotions and he calls upon the Lord in despair. He realizes that the Lord is the only way out (Psalm 28:1-3).

David had a deep relationship with God and although:

  • he loved God;
  • had a sensitive and open heart;
  • many times experienced the supernatural help of the Lord; and
  • God anointed him as king;
  •  he was not born again.
  • His heart had not been changed
  • He made some major mistakes (he was an adulterer and a murderer)
  • He was not filled with the Holy Spirit

His flesh was weak and incapable of overcoming the wickedness of his enemies, but then, suddenly, something happened to him. The turmoil of his flesh and his senses stirred his heart and the awareness of the nature and anointing of the Holy Spirit took over. God’s power came upon him.

David realized that the Lord was greater and stronger than his enemies. His trust and confidence soared. Strength and anointing came upon him and so did the victory.

Stirring Up the Gift in You

This reminds me of what Smith Wigglesworth, the great Apostle of Faith, said, “If the Holy Ghost doesn’t move me, I move the Holy Ghost”.  In other words, sometimes we start out in the flesh and as we stir the gift within us (2 Tim 1:6), we end up in the Spirit!

We can use this pattern even today. Because the Holy Spirit dwells in born-again believers, they should find it easier than David did to follow their heart more than their senses. When you walk in the Spirit, the anointing of the Holy Spirit and God’s power are with you and you have the victory (Romans 8:9, 11, 14).

Question to Consider

What is your experience with stirring up the anointing of the Holy Spirit?

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Maurizio Mingardi, in 1972, had an encounter with God that totally changed his life. From a scientist doing research in Quantum Mechanics and an atheist, Maurizio became a believer and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Then a spiritual journey began. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and later started Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn in Ottawa, Ontario. Maurizio has been in the ministry for more than 30 years and is presently the Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Church. He has also filled a number of executive positions in public and religious organizations. He has been elected President of the Evangelical Church Alliance Ministerial Fellowship of Canada. His goal is to help people to know God, discover and use their gifts and fulfill their destiny.
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