Waiting on God – How to Do It and Why You Should

Waiting on God It is Not Doing Nothing – Psalm – 25 –

waiting on God

The recurring theme of this psalm is “Waiting on God.” Waiting on God is the way to receive from Him all the blessings that He wants to give you. He will guide you, teach you, protect you and deliver you. Here you can learn how to do it.

This reminds me of my experience about waiting on God.

When I was born again, I knew in my heart that God had called me to leave my secular work to minister the gospel. I remember that at that time I said, “Lord, I give you my life and will serve You for the rest of my life.”

The Lord Guides Your Steps

That was a big shift for me. After many years of study, training and achievements, my career as a young scientist was finally starting, but my heart was no longer in it. I did not have any idea how my promise was going to materialize, but He started to direct my life and guide me in my decisions.

It was scary, when I decided to quit my job at the National Research Council of Canada. However, my trust in Him was greater than the fear of not being able to provide for my family. At that time my family included my wife, who was not working, and a two-year-old daughter. My wife supported me in my decision and the Lord started to look after us supernaturally. I was not disappointed.

The Lord Never Disappoints You

The word “ashamed” in Psalm 25:2, 3 and 20 is better translated as “disappointed.” The Lord will never disappoint you because He is faithful. No matter how many and how cruel your enemies may be, He is more powerful. He will protect and deliver us (Psalm 25:2, 20)

At that time, I learned to depend on the Lord for my decisions. He would show me my next decision to make, and I would do it in obedience.

Waiting Implies Dependence

The word “wait” in English does not give the correct meaning of the Hebrew word. In English, it has a passive connotation, almost implying that you are doing nothing because the Lord is slow in showing up.

The Hebrew word translated waiting it is not like waiting for the bus to arrive. It implies a binding together. It more like the waiting that a waiter does with a customer in a good restaurant. When we wait on God, we stay connected and dependent on Him. We listen to His voice. We act on His instructions. This “waiting” involves our attention (Psalm 25:15), making decisions (Psalm 25:12) and taking steps in faith.

Waiting Requires Obedience

I remember one time when I was “waiting” on the Lord, but wanted to have confirmation before taking a major step of obedience for my call into ministry. I went to a conference hoping to get direction and went for prayer. I said nothing and the brother who prayed for me prophesied, “You have been waiting for Me, but I have been waiting for you to do what you know you should do!”

Disobedience Comes from Unbelief

I knew all along what I should do, but my “unbelief” was stopping me from obeying. Unbelief often results in paralysis by analysis. Our mind gets in the way to what our heart knows. Then, I repented and again, I was not disappointed.

The Lord’s Mercy Is Greater than Your Disobedience

The Lord is always kind and merciful (Psalm 25:6-7). He corrected and forgave my many mistakes, not because of my righteousness, but because of His love and the trust that I had in what Jesus had done for me (Psalm 25:8-11). We can be thankful that Jesus fulfilled the covenant for us (Psalm 25:10, 14).

The Teachable Shall Inherit the Earth (Psalm 25:13, Mat 5:5)

There are many Scriptures showing that the key to receive guidance from the Lord is to be “humble.” (Jam 4:6, 10, 1 Pet 5:5-6) This is another word often misunderstood. Here, it does not mean to be weak and submissive. It means to be teachable, not stubborn in our ways.

When we are teachable, the Lord blesses us in many ways. He:

  • shows us the truth
  • teaches us His ways
  • guides us in justice
  • reveals His secrets to us
  • makes us prosper and successful in what we do
  • delivers us from the traps of the enemies
  • protects us from our enemies

If you are waiting on God to do something, you don’t need to wait! Act according to the Word and what your heart tells you. God is always there to confirm His Word. He is faithful.

Your Turn

When your circumstances are difficult and have made you feel lonely and afflicted, read this psalm. Lift up your soul to the Lord. Bind yourself to Him and receive His guidance. He will deliver you out of your troubles (Psalm 25:22). Israel applies to you and means, “God prevails” or “he will rule as God.”

What is your experience in waiting on God?

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Maurizio Mingardi, in 1972, had an encounter with God that totally changed his life. From a scientist doing research in Quantum Mechanics and an atheist, Maurizio became a believer and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Then a spiritual journey began. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and later started Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn in Ottawa, Ontario. Maurizio has been in the ministry for more than 30 years and is presently the Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Church. He has also filled a number of executive positions in public and religious organizations. He has been elected President of the Evangelical Church Alliance Ministerial Fellowship of Canada. His goal is to help people to know God, discover and use their gifts and fulfill their destiny.
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