The Iniquity of the Natural Man – Psalm – 14

In Psalm 14, David reflects on the state of the natural man and prophesies about the coming salvation of God’s people.


  • Psalms 14:1 – The reason for atheism
  • Psalms 14:2-4 – The fallen state of the natural man
  • Psalms 14:5 – The fear of the wicked
  • Psalms 14:6 – The protection of the godly
  • Psalms 14:7 – The salvation and rejoicing of His people

The Source of Atheism

First, David looks at the reason for the atheist not believing in the existence of God (Psalm14:1). It is simply rebellion and self-justification. Because they don’t want to acknowledge their sins, they choose to eliminate the existence of the judge.

This is really foolish. It is like the ostrich putting its head in the sand to escape from danger.  However, in truth, ostriches are smarter than that. They do not bury their head in the sand because of fear. If they would do that, they would quickly become extinct. When they are afraid, they run away. They can run at to 4o miles for hour. They bury their head in the sand because they do not make nests, they place their eggs under the sand.

This closing the eyes not to see is childish behavior. However, I must confess that once I was there too. That describes my experience.

The Fallen State of the Natural Man

Then David presents the general condition of the natural man. God’s judgment is given. All are naturally evil and oppress God’s people (Psalms 14:2-6).

This is their state:

  • They do not have understanding
  • They do not seek after God
  • They have gone on the wrong path
  • They have become corrupt
  • None of them do what is good

It is interesting to note that Psalms 14:3 is quoted also in Paul’s epistle to the Romans (Romans 3:12) to describe the natural man.

They are oppressors but actually are fearful because they realize that God is with His people and protects them. The godly can find help and comfort from God in time of trouble

The Coming Deliverance and Rejoicing of the Godly

The Psalm ends with a prophetic declaration of the coming deliverance of His people. It is about the coming of the Messiah (Matthew 18:11). He brings freedom from captivity and joy to the believer.

The Symbolism of this Psalm from a New Testament Perspective

From a New Testament perspective, God delivers Israel, which is those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Zion is the place where God’s presence dwells, that is the true church. Jacob and Israel rejoicing represent the different stages of deliverance and transformation of the believer.

Prayer of Faith

Thank you Father for the freedom from captivity we can experience today as I believe in Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and my Lord. His death, burial and resurrection have given me freedom from sin and condemnation. I rejoice because I know that You protect me. I am glad because I come into ever increasing freedom as the Holy Spirit reveals to me the truth and the truth sets me free.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

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