From Despair to Rejoicing by Deciding to Believe – Psalm – 13

Psalm 13 follows a powerful pattern common to many Psalms. It progresses from despair to rejoicing. This is a prayer for help and ends with the confidence that the Lord’s mercy answers the request of a believing heart.


  • Psalms 13:1-2 – Despair = Focus on the problem
  • Psalms 13:3-4 – Prayer = Decide to believe
  • Psalms 13:6-7 – Praise = The change in the heart that brings victory

The Wrong Waiting for the Lord

When the need is affecting your emotions, it is natural to wonder why the Lord is waiting. Four times David repeats “How long” reflecting the despair of his heart and his focus on the lack of progress. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. (Pro 13:2)  Looking at the circumstances, the mind starts to dwell in unhealthy thoughts and that makes the heart sick:

  • The Lord has forgotten me
  • The Lord is hiding from me
  • I must figure out my solution
  • My heart is sorrowful
  • My enemies have victory over me

These thoughts come from a distorted image of God who does not resolve your problem. They separate you from God and drive you from hope to despair. Your expectation is that the length of the wait will last forever.

Be Truthful about Your Feelings

It is important to recognize when your heart starts to be affected. It is foolish to ignore your feelings. They will sneak on you before you know it and will make you bitter. Ignoring them is the worse thing you can do.

Decide to Change Your Focus

Therefore, as soon as you realize that you are falling into this trap, you must act and change your focus. David does that:

  • He calls upon the Lord
  • He turns his eyes on the Lord
  • He gets closer to Him and calls Him, my God
  • He asks to be able to see clearly about the situation
  • He realizes that the path he had taken was a path leading to death
  • Wrong thinking would give victory to his enemy and make them rejoice

A Decision That Changes Your Heart

This prayer is a powerful meditation when accompanied by a change of heart. It is the decision to trust God. David’s attitude changes instantly. The heart turns from gloom to rejoicing for the coming deliverance.

The Lord wants to bless you. He can do that as you believe in Him. He his pleased by your faith (Hebrews 11:6). The Lord  blesses the believing heart abundantly.

Now Is You Turn

Whenever you find yourself wondering how much longer you must wait for the answer to your prayer remember, come to these psalms and follow their patterns to leave behind wrong thoughts to believing and to getting close to God. Do that until you pass from gloom to rejoicing and then continue. You will see your deliverance appearing. 

Prayer of Faith

Thank you Father for you are always there for us when we come to you in faith. We can experience your presence and move from despair to rejoicing because in your presence there is fullness of Joy.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

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