Reading Exodus – Chapters 34 to 40

I will cover to the end of the book because these chapters are mostly a description of the construction of the Tabernacle.

To help you to visualize the Tabernacle please see the graphical representations at the following links:

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Chapter 34

  • Exo 34:1-9 – The Tablets of the Law are replaced
  • Exo 34:10-17 – The Covenant renewed
  • Exo 34:18 – Keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Exo 34:19-20 – Redeeming of the Firstborns
  • Exo 34:21-24 – Celebrating the Sabbath and other feasts
  • Exo 34:25-28 – Rules for offering
  • Exo 34:29-35 – Moses’ face shines


  1. What was God’s promise in the renewed covenant?
  2. What was the position concerning mixing with other nations? Why?
  3. How did Moses intercede for the children of Israel?
  4. In what way do these rules apply to us today?

Chapter 35

  • Exo 35:1-3 – Rules  concerning the Sabbath
  • Exo 35:4-9 – Asking contributions for the Tabernacle
  • Exo 35:10-19 – Asking for craftsmen to build the tabernacle
  • Exo 35:20-29 – Gifts are brought for the Tabernacle
  • Exo 35:30-35 – Selection of anointed craftsmen


  1. What is the difference between Old and New Testament view of the Sabbath
  2. What is the difference between Old and New Testament view of gifts to the Lord
  3. The Sabbath was an important part of Jewish obedience to the Law. How does this relate to the New Covenant?
  4. When were gifts accepted by the Lord?

Chapter 36

  • Exo 36:1-4 – Anointed craftsmen are assigned to do the work
  • Exo 36:5-7 – The offerings were more than enough
  • Exo 36:8-13 – Ten curtains of fine lines are woven
  • Exo 36:14-19 – Curtains of goat hair are made and coverings of ram and badger skins
  • Exo 36:20-30 – The boards for the Tabernacle are made
  • Exo 36:31-38 – Bars and pillars of acacia wood for the door of the Tabernacle are made

Chapter 37

  • Exo 37:1-9 – The building of the Ark of the Testimony
  • Exo 37:10-16 – The building of the Table of the Showbread
  • Exo 37:17-24 – The building of the Lampstand
  • Exo 37:25-28 – The building of the Altar of Incense
  • Exo 37:29 – The preparation of the anointing oil and incense

Chapter 38

  • Exo 38:1-7 – The building of the Altar of Burn Offering
  • Exo 38:8 – The building of the Bronze Laver
  • Exo 38:9-20 – The  building of the Courts of the Tabernacle
  • Exo 38:21-31 – The cost and materials of the Tabernacle

Chapter 39

  • Exo 39:1-7 – The making of the  garments of ministry
  • Exo 39:8-21 – The Breastplate is made according to the instructions
  • Exo 39:22-29 – The robe of ephod and tunics are woven
  • Exo 39:30-31 – The plate of the holy crown is made
  • Exo 39:32-43 – The  work for the tabernacle is finished and Moses supervised it

Chapter 40

  • Exo 40:1-33 – The Tabernacle is erected from its parts and furnishings
  • Exo 40:34-38 –  The cloud now rests on the Tabernacle


  1. Do you have any comment concerning the building of the Tabernacle?
  2. Is there any lesson we can learn from these chapter besides the symbolism of the parts f the tabernacles?
  3. Please share what verses ministered to you the most in Exodus and why?


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2 Responses to Reading Exodus – Chapters 34 to 40

  1. PeterCard says:

    I was touched by Exodus 34:5-9. It really illustrates a major shift in how we see God’s nature in the New Testament. In Verse 6 we see God’s mercy, grace, patience, goodness and truth, but half way in Verse 7 shifts and shows a just God, ready to punish the sins and transgressions of the guilty for generations. I am glad that Jesus came to show us a different God one whos sent HIm to take our guilt and to pay the punishment for it. We are free and so are our chldren and children’s childrens. I am glad to be a part of the New Covenant. Moses in humility sees that the children of Irsael are a stiff necked people and interceeds for them, but still does not have the answer to the problem. Moses was not the one who could solve it.

  2. GraceCN says:

    In Exodus 35:21 those who were willing contributed to the building of the tabernacle whether they brought thread or gold. The Lord looked at their hearts even then and accepted the offerings of those whose desire was to work for the Lord. He gave them the gifts to do what they were called to do. Today is no different. I believe he wants to build the church but the physical act of building a place of worship is no longer necessary. He wants those who are willing to use the gifts he has given them to do their part in building His church. We should not think one gift is better or more acceptable. The yarn, cords and pegs were needed just as much as the gold and silver.

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