May 1, 2012 – Daily Bible Reading

Today’s Reading

Matthew Chapter 22

  • Parable of the Marriage Feast
  • God and Caesar
  • Jesus on the resurrection
  • The great commandment
  • Question about David’s son


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Pastor Maurizio

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Maurizio Mingardi, in 1972, had an encounter with God that totally changed his life. From a scientist doing research in Quantum Mechanics and an atheist, Maurizio became a believer and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Then a spiritual journey began. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and later started Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn in Ottawa, Ontario. Maurizio has been in the ministry for more than 30 years and is presently the Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Church. He has also filled a number of executive positions in public and religious organizations. He has been elected President of the Evangelical Church Alliance Ministerial Fellowship of Canada. His goal is to help people to know God, discover and use their gifts and fulfill their destiny.
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8 Responses to May 1, 2012 – Daily Bible Reading

  1. LuisaT says:

    In the parable of the Wedding banquet after the invited guests refused (when asked twice) to go to the banquet, the servants went out to extend the invitation to others in the streets “both the good and the bad”. It is interesting that the bad were invited. This is similiar to Jesus’ statement in Matt 21:31 in which he says (talking to the chief priests and elders) “the prostitutes and tax collectors are entering the kingdom before you.”

    This is a humbling statement which Christians need to be continually reminded of. We can’t have an attitude of entitlement when it comes to salvation. It is not our “good works” that count. There is no such thing as “seniority” or “years of service” that advance us in God’s ranking system. We saw this with the parable of the Worker’s of the Vinyard in Matt 20. It is repeated again with the thief on the cross. This being one of Jesus’ final messages, to me indicates the importance of this recurring theme, God loves and accepts the sinner more than the (self) righteous. We do not accumulate points for good works. We need to be humble servants, not thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to. (Rom 12:3)

  2. Robyn says:

    Wow! I really had to dig deep into my study bible to understand this chapter – specifically Matthew 22:11-14, 25-32 and 42-45.

  3. Carol_AnnD says:

    I was wondering about the man who got thrown out into the darkness because he went to the wedding banquet without wearing the proper wedding clothes – Mt 22:11-14. I wasn’t sure what the “wedding clothes” were. My study notes refers to it as ” the righteousness of Jesus”. So my understanding is that we all get invited to the wedding -into the Kingdom – but only those who put on the proper wedding clothes – those who accept and put on the righteousness of Jesus -the robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10) – are allowed to stay. Thus “many are invited, but only a few are chosen.” This man probably represents those who think they will get into the Kingdom because of their own good works and their own righteousness, and therefore think they don’t need Jesus. They too are invited but they don’t get to stay. Correct me if this is wrong.

  4. Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

    Hi Carol Ann. Your interpretation is good, and certainly can be applied to this parable. But we can ask ourselves, Is this all that this parable teaches us? Often parables have the ability to speak at more than one level. Another level in this case is that the “clothes” are the things we see, the things we must “put on” (Eph 4:20-24). When Jesus invites us in His Kingdom and we accept His invitation we must put on the proper apparel. That involves putting off the “old man” with his corrupt behavior, and put on the “new man” with the new behavior, as you have seen in Mt 3:8 (and Luke 3:8). Anyway, both interpretations are useful and both apply.

  5. Fareena says:

    What stood out the most for me, as Carol Ann mentioned was the fact that many are called and few are chosen. Everyone has the chance to know Jesus but only few will actually listen to that call and follow… I’m so grateful I chose to follow!

  6. DianeM says:

    Hi Maurizio
    there are times i don’t want to read the Bible any more just because there are some
    places people what to kill Jesus, and i don’t like that at all. but i said that i would do the Bible read for a year . i will contue to do but then i won’t do it ever again.

    • Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

      The Bible reports some past events, both good and bad. It shows us what real life is like. We may not like to hear what they did to Jesus, but to be grateful for what He did, we must know it. Jesus presently is at the right hand of God, and is no longer suffering.
      We, too, must learn to deal with all type of situations in our life, and the Holy Spirit is with us to comfort, direct and empower us as He did for Jesus. Seeing how Jesus and other people in the Bible dealt with adversity will help us in our walk.
      The Bible was written by God for us and we should read it, study it, meditate on it and allow it to change our mind about how to live, not avoiding the parts that make us feel uncomfortable. They, too, are good for us. God knows what He is doing.

  7. DianeM says:

    Hi Maurizio
    first of all thanks for an eye opener. 2ed when i said that i don’t want ever read the Bible again any more
    i meat for one year.3rd now i understand why Jesus had to Die one is that if he didn’t we wouldn’t have his
    word to guide us and we wouldn’t be here.

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