Jesus’ Genealogy and Virgin Birth – Matthew – 1

Here we go! Today we start our journey together. Let us join our hearts and our faith because the Holy Spirit always moves in mighty ways when there is unity.

I am excited to see what He will do.

Today’s Reading

Matthew, Chapter 1 

  • The genealogy of Jesus Christ
  • The angel appears to Joseph in a dream to reveal to him Jesus’ virgin birth
  • Joseph believes the angel and obeys his instructions


Background on the Gospel of Matthew

  • Matthew was a Jew and a tax collector who left his profession to follow Jesus
  • Matthew wrote his account of Jesus’ life from a Jewish perspective
  • This Gospel includes many quotations from the Old Testament
  • Matthew shows that Jesus is the Messiah, the King of the Jews.



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Maurizio Mingardi, in 1972, had an encounter with God that totally changed his life. From a scientist doing research in Quantum Mechanics and an atheist, Maurizio became a believer and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Then a spiritual journey began. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and later started Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn in Ottawa, Ontario. Maurizio has been in the ministry for more than 30 years and is presently the Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Church. He has also filled a number of executive positions in public and religious organizations. He has been elected President of the Evangelical Church Alliance Ministerial Fellowship of Canada. His goal is to help people to know God, discover and use their gifts and fulfill their destiny.
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15 Responses to Jesus’ Genealogy and Virgin Birth – Matthew – 1

  1. AndrewT says:

    Joseph must have been a man of faith and discernment. Can you imagine being told that your virgin wife is pregnant but no worries, it is all part of a plan to save the world? Makes me think I might be missing some important things that come to me in my dreams. Most of the time I have no idea what my dreams mean. I need to ask God to reveal what they mean. I don’t think I’ve missed out on a virgin birth or anything, but maybe I’m missing some important direction because I’m ‘not listening’.

  2. Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

    The Bible gives many examples of the importance of dreams. In general, dreams are part of our internal issues resolution system. When we sleep our mind processes all our recent inputs and attempts to resolves them. Because dreams are not filtered by our logic and our “gatekeeper” they may reveal things that our conscious mind does not perceive or does not want to perceive and the meaning of dreams is not revealed by logical analysis. Further, dreams use the language of the heart and for this reason they can help us to know what is going on within ourselves and to communicate at the heart level. In a way dreams are like parables. Finally, similar to dreams are what the Bible calls the “visions of the night”. These are dream like experiences we can have when we are transitioning from being awake to sleeping.

  3. PeterCard says:

    There is more to the genealogy than I perceive. It is no accident that Joseph a descendant of King David was chosen to be Jesus’ earthly Father. Yet no mention of Mary’s lineage in this scripture. I think she too is from King David’s line. Why is it important that both are from Davids lineage?

    • Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

      The Bible gives us 2 genealogies of Jesus Christ. One is in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 1 and the other is in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 3. It is interesting to see that from King David to Jesus, the lineages are entirely different. There are a number of interpretations for this. The most widely held theory suggests that Matthew’s account follows the lineage of Joseph, while Luke’s genealogy that of Mary. It is also interesting to notice that Matthew whose intention was to show that Jesus was the Messiah of the Jews starts with Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation. On the other hand, Luke’s intention was to show that Jesus is the perfect Savior of the whole human race and goes back to Adam.

  4. Carol_AnnD says:

    What I’m learning from Joseph story: even when I make a decision that seems right to me, I should always be open to correction from God and be willing to change my mind if God says otherwise, knowing that His plans are always better. Even better would be to seek His wisdom and ask for direction before making a decision.

    • Fareena says:

      This is a very interesting perspective, very deep. Thank you for sharing that!

  5. Fareena says:

    I think its amazing what you’ve said about dreams. It is interesting what Andrew has said – about missing things in our dreams. Do you think we should pay more attention to them? I know that some dreams come from Satan, but typically you would know if these were from him, correct?

    Also, I wanted to add how courageous Mary was as well. I’m sure the people of those days did not make it easy for her. However, God’s power is clearly evident here, as He protected her throughout the whole pregnancy and afterwards as well. Furthermore, He blessed her with Joseph who was “just” as the bible says, to begin with.

    • Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

      Hi Fareena, dreams can come from many sources. They need to be properly interpreted and like any other experience, they need to be verified with the Word of God.

  6. AndrewT says:

    Something else I noticed about yesterday’s reading in Matthew 1. Remember how Maurizio has said a couple of times recently that the Bible doesn’t cover up the faults of the people of God? Well in the genealogy of Jesus the Bible specifically states, “David the king begot Solomon by her who had been the wife of Uriah.” Ouch! No cover-up there!

  7. CecileC says:

    I was always curious when they said to Joseph: “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.”
    There was no sperm so does it say somewhere that Mary had a normal pregnancy like the rest of the women or the way she conceived because it was done by the Holy Spirit that her womb and pregnancy was different??

  8. Pastor Maurizio TedM says:

    Following up on Andrew’s comment, I find it amazing how many ways that God, as the great Communicator, finds to communicate with us.
    For example, in Matt. 1:20, 2:13 and 2:19, God spoke to Joseph through an angel of the Lord appearing to him in a dream. In Matt. 2:12, it simply states that God warned the wise men in a dream not to return to Herod. In Matthew 1:23, 2:6, 2:15, and 2:18, the Holy Spirit, through Matthew, quotes from the Old Testament (ie. Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2, Hosea 11:1, and Jeremiah 31:15, respectively). And in Matthew 2:23, is states that the prophets proclaimed that the Lord Jesus “shall be called a Nazarene”.
    Praise God for His infinite creativity in getting through to us!

  9. Pastor Maurizio RadinaP says:

    Cecile! What a good question! Can’t wait for the response. Of course I would be curious…

  10. Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

    Mary had a completely normal pregnancy. The Holy Spirit preformed a “simple” miracle on the ovum, the female reproductive cell, so that it could start to multiply. After that it was just like any other pregnancy. In some lower living organisms this happens all the time or just when no male fertilization is possible. With God all things are possible (Mat 19:26, Mar 9:23, 10:27, 14:36), and with a simple intervention of “spiritual fertilization” he made Jesus from Mary’s egg. Miracles happen even today. God does not change (Hbr 13:8).

    • RadinaP says:

      This may sound silly but I am guessing that there was a sperm? Or was there? If there was, i am guessing again that it just appeared? Like in the beginning God spoke and there was…?

      • Pastor Maurizio Pastor Maurizio says:

        It was not needed

        Quote from another Comment I made:
        “…it is a question of understanding biology. What are the effects of fertilization on the female egg. Cell multiplication starts after it.The only thing needed was to trigger that multiplication. A simple switch in a DNA structure could do that in the presence of the proper enzymes that are always available. I don’t think that this is the place to go into all these details. You can do a search on the net about fertilization, cell multiplication or mitosis, self-fertilization and autogamy if you want. What I am saying is that God did not need to inseminate Mary but just produce some “small” chemical changes in her egg. Now, was just that how Jesus was born, or that a spiritual force (God’s breath Gen 2:7) operated on Mary’s egg to produce a new life. What is really the key to a new birth? What is the source of any healing miracle?”

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